I have thoughts and opinions on ... well, most everything. I don't necessarily comment about everything, but I will when the mood strikes. I find it theraputic to write about things that bother me, so there will be a fair amount of that, but I also write about things that are good and happy. And I write about things that confound me.

A word or two of warning regarding my thoughts:

  • I write what I think. That means I use all the curse words in the American vernacular plus a few of my own invention. If you are offended by "blue" language, you will be offended by my writings.
  • I never memorized Elements of Style and my punctuation and grammer may suffer as a result. Deal with it.
  • I cannot stress enough the fact that my writing may offend your philosophies and/or sensibilities. They are my opinions, you may disagree, but you have to accept them as they are. Sorry.

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