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The Sexual Key to the Tarot

Once you understand the sexual meaning behind the mysterious and beautiful symbols of the Tarot, you will be able to enhance your future love life. In the Tarot there is power to evoke thought that will help you make the romantic choices right for you.

Actually, this is simply an experiment in PHP that I wrote mostly just to see if I could do it. It is designed to pick a random card from a Tarot deck, in this case the wonderful Rider-Waite deck, and present both an image of the card and a text document with an "interpretation" of it. I tried a lot of different methods and finally wound up with a script that's less than 30 lines of code, which is pretty great since my first thought process would have produced a script with over 450 lines of code. View the code.

The interpretations are from a book called The Sexual Key to the Tarot by Theodore Laurence and are presented here without the permission of the author or publisher. Yes, I am out and out stealing the text almost verbatim, so one "cease and desist" letter and I am pulling it off the web. The book was published in 1971 and it is totally a product of its time. No serious student of the Tarot would give this book more than a passing glance, and then they'd only do so for a laugh, that's why it's here.

This page is for entertainment purposes only. I read Tarot for years, studied the cards and various layouts and readings. I finally came to the conclusion that Tarot doesn't tell your future, and certainly not your sexual future -- nothing can do that, but it gives you things to think about, and each card can represent a facet of your personality and your personal situation if you're just willing to have an open mind.