5. What is Above You


Knight of Wands

A dark young man, attractive to women; the young man who "hits and runs" but never "kisses and tells"; also, hurried copulation, quick orgasm, speedy erection; sudden flight from one bed to another; departure from socially acceptable sexuality; change in sex partners; temporary coital abstinence; also, change of residence or sexual tastes.

  • 4. What is Behind You


    Seven of Swords (Inverted)

    Quarrels over orgasms that have failed; arguments about sexuality; displeasure with phalli; phallic faultfinding; babbling and the slander connected with one's sexual technique.

  • 1. The Heart of the Matter


    The Emperor

    Sexual power and stability; also authority and will in sexual affairs. It suggests sexual mastery resulting in the dominance over and satisfaction of female sexual organs and libidinal demands. This is the card of the masterful lover, the libertine of ultimate passions, the idol of sexually frustrated women, and the dream man of young searching virgins.

  • 6. What is Ahead of You


    Ten of Pentacles (Inverted)

    Loss of virginity; loss of potency; frigidity; loss of sensual pleasure with a sex mate; minimal orgasms; also, danger of rape ; pursuit of the sexual favors of another man's wife is a gamble and will be lost; also, an illegitimate child; bastard sex; unholy phalli.

  • 2. What Crosses You


    Six of Swords

    Sensuous journey upon the fluids of Bartholin glands; prolific seminal discharges; the fluidity of casual intercourse; sex mates easily acquired; an affluence of orgasms; also, the Querent will meet a new sex mate while on a trip or journey; also, expedient copulation.

  • 3. What is Beneath You


    King of Pentacles (Inverted)

    Bribery for orgasm; vice; purchased sexual favors; misuse of money for orgasmic gain; sexual and monetary extravagance; drunkenness and orgiastic sexuality; corruption of youth; sexual perversion; perilous sexual activities; epicurism; gluttony; also, sexual weakness; ugly or unclean phalli.