5. What is Above You


The High Priestess

Passion, moral or physical ardor; secrets; the future of sexual union as yet unrevealed; safety from pregnancy and venereal disease; strength of sexual knowledge triumphs over evil influences. A man finding this card in the spread has this type of woman in his life and she will give him all her sexual strength to cope with life's problems. If he is a libidinal lamb she will make him a licentious lion. In a woman's spread the Querent will realize these qualities within herself and will feel she has found her ultimate reason for living. Those of latent homosexuality, male or female, finding this card in a spread may very well expect a person of marked concupiscence to enter their realm of existence.

  • 4. What is Behind You


    The Hermit

    Sexual enjoyment of the highest degree; attainment of libidinal knowledge; understanding of the needs and desires of the opposite sex; prudence and illicit affairs.

  • 1. The Heart of the Matter


    Six of Wands (Inverted)

    Apprehensive sensuality; fear, as a victorious penis at the entrance to a lover's vagina; vague fears cloud optimistic coition; treacherous lover; vagina opens to the enemy; disloyalty; phallus (penis or clitoris) erecting for competitors; also, jealousy may lead to discord between rival phalli.

  • 6. What is Ahead of You


    Four of Wands (Inverted)

    Masturbation; loss of paramours; flaccid phalli and unresponsive clitorises; everything gone for those who have made sex the foundation of their life; autoeroticism ; autoerotic practices.

  • 2. What Crosses You


    Two of Cups

    Copulation; passion; love; sexual union; concordant orgasms; vaginal penetration; anal intercourse; mutual masturbation; tribadism; interrelation of the sexes; mutual oral – genital practice; freedom in sex; sexual togetherness; like sexual sympathies; lasting sexual friendship.

  • 3. What is Beneath You


    Three of Cups

    Extreme pleasure in the senses; sexual plenty; orgasmic fulfillment; sensual solace; victory over obstacles to sexual joy and victory over reluctant sex mates; sexual intercourse concluded in powerful orgasm; therapeutic climaxes; effulgent vaginas; adamantine penises; sexual gaiety; happiness; overabundance; all will end well; orgasmic harvest; sexual comfort; speedy copulations.