5. What is Above You


Eight of Cups (Inverted)

Orgasmic joy; solicitous sex relations; genital feasting; also, there is a possibility of happiness to central company perhaps via toilism or bisexuality; hedonism; Dionysian escapades; copious seminal discharges.

  • 4. What is Behind You


    The Chariot

    Sexual progress with females; good news of forthcoming sexuality; conquest of barriers to orgasm. It tells triumph over enemies, obstacles, and delays. It suggests victory in sexual pursuits through the hard work convincing females that sexual intercourse is good for them. If the person questioning the card is sexually frustrated, gratification and orgasm are indicated. This card in a female's spread means she will meet a man this nature.

  • 1. The Heart of the Matter


    Two of Pentacles (Inverted)

    False gaiety; drunkenness leading to impotence; intoxication saps passion and desire; outward fun, inward misery; excessive sexual intercourse but minimal orgasms; simulated success and satiation.

  • 6. What is Ahead of You


    Six of Wands

    Promising news of great orgasms; victorious coitus; triumphant climaxes; copulation crowned with its own desire; the crown of sexual mastery; sexual gratification follows patient waiting; sexual supremacy.

  • 2. What Crosses You


    Knight of Cups (Inverted)

    A wife-seducer; a pedophiliac; trickery; a sex-swindler; a fraud; a sly and cunning young man whose only aim is to rape and deflower; duplicity; artificial friendship for sexual gain.

  • 3. What is Beneath You


    Ten of Wands (Inverted)

    An unfaithful lover, a liar; one who causes pregnancies and disappears; one who breaks promises; a false penis; a lover who promises orgasm but achieves only his own; also sexual success is restricted if the nine of swords follows; in a paternal lawsuit, there will be certain loss.