5. What is Above You


Queen of Swords

Disunion; solitude; female sadness; insensitiveness; frigidity; in a sense, lesbianism; sterility; embarrassment; separation from sexual joy; phallic privation; masturbation due to aloneness; also, mourning over a lost lover; painful desire for past phalli.

  • 4. What is Behind You


    Ace of Wands (Inverted)

    Masturbation; venereal disease; castration, perhaps circumcision; void wombs; empty vaginas; weak phalli; impotence; frigidity; sexual stupor ; insensitiveness.

  • 1. The Heart of the Matter


    Ten of Wands (Inverted)

    An unfaithful lover, a liar; one who causes pregnancies and disappears; one who breaks promises; a false penis; a lover who promises orgasm but achieves only his own; also sexual success is restricted if the nine of swords follows; in a paternal lawsuit, there will be certain loss.

  • 6. What is Ahead of You


    Five of Swords (Inverted)

    Death of sex; castration; frigidity; impotence; also, phalli falling into disuse; necrophiliac tendencies; funeral eroticism; sexual excitation at a funeral; also, meeting sexual partners at a funeral.

  • 2. What Crosses You


    Six of Swords (Inverted)

    Be prepared for an unexpected proposal of sexual union. This may come from a homosexual or lesbian or from a neighbor least likely to fornicate; also, sexual confessions or confessions of secret lust ; In a lesser sense, beware of public disclosure.

  • 3. What is Beneath You


    The Lovers

    Unadulterated love; attraction; beauty; trials overcome; sexual union, sometimes marriage. It may predict "the other woman" in a man's life; "the other man" in a woman's life. Herein is the desire for virginal love; that is, strong fluid love with uninhibited sexual expression. The message of the lovers is "love conquers all," and "perfect love casteth out all fear."