Fun Stuff

The following pages are things I've worked on just for the fun of it, mostly as a puzzle I created for myself to solve.

U.S. Army Organist's Manual for Electronic Organ AN/TNP-1 (1949)
This manual was found in the bench seat of an organ we received as a gift. I have attempted to present it in much the same typography, and using the photographs and illustrations from the original manual.
Although the organ listed has the Army designation AN/TNP-1, it is virtually identical to a Hammond B-2 and it's siblings such as the B-3, C-3 and the like.
The Sexual Key to the Tarot
Actually, this is simply an experiment in PHP that I wrote mostly just to see if I could do it. It is designed to pick a random card from a Tarot deck and present both an image of the card and a text document with an "interpretation" of it.
The interpretations are from a book called The Sexual Key to the Tarot. Published in 1971, it is totally a product of its time.
Sexual Tarot Celtic Cross
Another experiment using PHP to create a "Celtic Cross," the most common interpretive layout used in Tarot readings.